phaonet - Photoalbum on the net


16.03.2003: Phaonet v0.2 is released. See the ChangeLog. The first working version of DCimgCon is also released.

27.02.2003: Phaonet v0.1 is released. This is the first working version. You should be able to download and have a photoalbum on the net in matter of minutes.


All files are at the phaonet-page at SourceForge

What is phaonet?

Photoalbum on the net (phaonet) is an easy way to publish your photoalbum on your homepage.

phaonet includes a set of PHP-coded files to make it easy to include and administer one complete photoalbum. The photoes can be viewed in different sizes, the pages can have different themes, be translated to different languages, and it is all very easy to set up thanks to a logic setup and commented PHP-files.

phaonet also includes pages for adding new photos to your album. Each photo can be given a description, time it was taken, whom was the photographer and can be sat in a category.

In addition of just PHP-files, the project contains SQL-code and database-diagrams to help both fellow users and developers to understand the idea of phaonet and how it works, in addition to help out to improve phaonet. All PHP-files is also well-commented.

What are the main features?

  • Easy to use for both a viewer and a admin.
  • Looks good.
  • All photos can be categorized.
  • A viewer can see thumbnails of all photos in a category, or go one-by-one.
  • A viewer can choose max-size of the photo he/she will view.
  • Easy to manage photographers and categories.
  • Easy to add photos, done with just a click or two.
  • Photos will have a category, photographer, date&time and a description.
  • Date&time will be read out of EXIF-info from the image.
  • Thumbnails are autocreated.
  • All text are encoded and decoded, so all non-ASCII chars will work.
  • Admins can change theme on their site.
  • Phaonet is translated to different languages, and easy to translate.
  • It is very easy to install and configure.
  • All PHP-files is well-commented.
  • Uses PostgreSQL or MySQL as database.
  • Includes many (perl) helper-scripts to manage and change photos.

  • Are there any examples?

    Yes, feel free to view my photoalbum on the net. The text is in Norwegian, but I don't think that will stop you :-)

    What is DCimgCon?

    Digital Camera Image Converter (DCimgCon) is a easy and very simple Perl-script that uses ImageMagick to convert the images you have taken with a digitally camera to more usefull images to store in your harddrive.

    The features are:
  • May reduce filesize from 800K to 100K WITHOUT loosing quality, image-size nor the EXIF headers!
  • Simple rotate and flip-commands
  • Can display image on screen (in X)
  • Renaming on the fly
  • Very simple, very easy to use
  • Works great with and without phaonet

    Do you need any help?

    That would be great. I could sure use some help to just test this! And to make it work with MySQL. And to translate into other (human) languages. And correct some spellings.

    But any comments, ideas, whatever, just e-mail me. My adress is: